Older ads related contents, and ad related comments will be deleted ! Only nice ads will be kept !

To the authors who wrote ads webpages:
Since YOUR contents are ads related, to our opinions and measurements, ads should reflect newest market changes. That is, ads should be new. Only if ads is new, it can transmit useful info to our viewers. Thus, any ads related webpages, if older than we expect, will be deleted from our database for good. Any comments, if attached to the ads webpages, which we assume meant relating to the ads, will not be kept as well, since the related ads disappeared.
And so do the ads related comments themselves. That is, if any comment is ads related, and if the comment itself is older than we expect, it will be deleted, whether the webpage which contains the comment is older or not.
If anyone, especially the author, thinks it is worth to keep, would you make a copy yourself?

However, if the ads is nice, then definitely we will not delete it. On the contrary, we will keep it in this web.

Happy to take any nice advice, any good suggestion, and any constructive ideas!