Press head assembly for concrete pipe making machine

A press head assembly for a concrete pipe making machine includes a head that is not released onto a concrete pipe form, but instead remains on the press head assembly after forming the spigot end of a concrete pipe. The steel tube mill machine further includes a linear actuating means, such as a pneumatic cylinder, for raising and lowering the press head assembly, including the head, between a raised position and a lowered position. In the lowered position, the head is positioned on the concrete pipe form to form the spigot end of the concrete pipe. The press head assembly further includes angular actuating means, such as a hydraulic stepper motor, for rotating the head relative to the concrete pipe form. The head is simultaneously rotated and lifted off the concrete pipe form so that the spigot end of the concrete pipe has a smooth "troweled" finish.
To achieve the foregoing and other objects, and in accordance with the purposes of the invention as embodied and broadly described herein, the invention is a press head assembly modified for use with a conventional concrete steel pipe machine. The press head assembly includes a head that is not released onto a concrete pipe form, but instead remains on the press head assembly after forming the spigot flange of a concrete pipe. 
The present invention will now be described more fully hereinafter with reference to the accompanying drawings in which exemplary embodiments of the invention are shown. However, the invention may be embodied in many different forms and should not be construed as limited to the embodiments set forth herein. These exemplary embodiments are provided so that this disclosure will be both thorough and complete, and will fully convey the scope of the invention and will enable those skilled in the art to make, use and practice the invention without undue experimentation.