Anthony and Amare Stoudemire still cannot coexist

The height of the giant 7-1 inside body is revealed to hip-hop, sometimes too hip hop.We all know that last season on the Bynum things: no brain wave for three points, and Kobe fights for the ball, and bread (Mike Brown) between downtown.Now Bynum came to Philadelphia, everything seems to be so perfect.When the back basket, Bynum is the union is the biggest killing device, but also when the other team is going to double and three double small sharks, they must look before you leap, because around the Bynum ambush in a circle three point shooter (Zhu - Huo Ledi, Jason - Richardson, Spencer - Hois, their Penny Hardaway Shoes career three point ball hit rate in excess of 30%).Experts believe that Bynum's maturity and his character would prevent him from becoming the team's Alfa dog [translator: Alfa is the first letter of the Greek alphabet, is the leader here means], but I think that Bynum does not need to be a team leader.Do the thing you should do is good, big!It seems Bynum hip hop journey has just begun.
The height 6-9, weight 225 pounds of NBA striker is one of the most underrated players in last season, Smith played a very scary data: 19 points, 10 boards, 4 assists, 1 steals, and 2 blocks.Such data in full compliance with all star standard, but Smith was blocked to be in again all star besides hall.But the battle NBA9 years "veteran" and will not be discouraged.Because the new season Smith will not only took away the Brooklyn Johnson banner, become Atlanta New Ying Wang, and Smith will own a maximum contract to redouble their efforts to.(Smith did not and hawks to renew a contract ahead of time, he will become in the next summer the free player).Smith new season need in many aspects to prove himself, but he has all the capital of success.Whether the ultimate success?See the eagle king himself.
The league is always have so a flock of people: as strong as a horse but acts like a child, Javier - Mcgee appears to be a member, but Kobe 7 the human eye is sometimes misleading.The University of Nevada of the fourth grade students has been misunderstood by people, he was working hard and full of passion, to this point we can through the You TuBe Mcgee in the 8 slam dunk to verify.Mcgee by beating his chest to release their passion and joy, he is a really enjoying basketball player.In the Wiz, Mcgee after each score will with vigorous strides to run back, this embodies his positive back consciousness.Mcgee has now left the "Washington prison", came to a can fully show their talent place: Denver.Here, we see a real Mcgee: an efficient big men inside (has become ruler of the talent inside).
Mcgee arms reached 7 '65 (about 233cm), vertical jump was 35 inches (about 89cm), his presence makes the Nuggets low threat increases.Mcgee's stand touch 9 '65 (about 294cm), the new season hope his achievement to be able to reach such heights.
Melon season are not afford to lose.If Anthony and Amare Stoudemire still cannot coexist, shot selection and the season badly, they two shall be in one will leave the Nicks team, this is New York people's rule: simple and clear.
Anthony lives in a dream of Cheap Kevin Durant Shoes for their own hard work, for their efforts to open up a road to legend.He met numerous tests, each time he proved his ability.The new season melon will face the life of one of the greatest challenges, but this time he could not retreat.
The reconstruction of a step in the right direction.On Saturday, they pass through a deal involving 6 players, three draft picks in exchange, access to the NBA season the best sixth person -- James harden.Last season, the Rockets general manager Daryl - Morley various operation also questioned.But suddenly, people must not be perfectly logical and reasonable completed a beautiful trading.