The freedom Of Speech Cost Lives

The family of a Congolese journalist Mr. Francis Aubin Banzouzi Mabi has been kidnapped after he made a 45 minutes documentary on Brazzaville Arms Depot Explosion which was diffused on DRTV Mulberry Outlet UK yesterday cheap uggs night.

Around 200 people were killed on Sunday (March 4th) when an arms dump exploded in Brazzaville, capital of the Congo Republic, a senior official in the presidency said, citing hospital sources. Hundreds more were injured by the blasts which rocked the riverside capital of the oil-producing nation early in the day, flattening houses near the scene and sending a plume of smoke high above the city.

According to Mr. Francis' short film it was over 1000 people who were killed not only 200 as reported by the government. He recorded testimonies of people refusing to believe that the explosions had been caused accidently by a fire in the arms depot in the "Rgiment Blind" based in Mpila neighborhood as said by the Defense Minister Charles Zacharie Bowao.

People blamed the president Denis Sassou-Nguesso for been the source of the chaos in the Country. Many people confirmed that the explosions have been caused by general Blaise Adoua's body guards following the news that he was dead after being poisoned by the president (Denis Sassou-Nguesso). Mr. Francis' 45 minutes documentary showed pictures of panic-stricken people on the streets of nearby neighborhoods. There were also Canada Goose Jackets images of many injured people being rushed to hospital or being given first aid on the street louis vuitton handbags and images of people who were insulting the president for his wrongdoing and involvement in the chaos.

He showed crowded hospitals where doctors said they were selecting those who were seriously injured to have immediate surgery. A lot of people wished that the president was dead as he was at the origin of the chaos and the population death.

One interviewee stated that resident Denis Sassou-Nguesso has been in power for years and all he does is killing people and this has to stop?

After diffusing the 45 minutes documentary, Mr. Francis' (the journalist) home was raid by the police, his wife and two kids were taken away and Mr. Francis' co-worker was also kidnapped. The whereabouts of the reporter (Mr. Francis Aubin Banzouzi Mabi ) are unknown.

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