Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Guest books are a must for any event, especially for weddings! It is the perfect way to preserve the names of loved ones that shared in your special event! However, over the years guest books have become, for a lack of a better word, boring! There needs to be an infusion of personality into the coach outlet online ordinary guest book. It time to make guest books as stylish and trendy as today brides-to-be. Do you want a guest book that will make a statement? Let take a look at some great ways to take your guest book up a notch or two!

1. What about a photo guest book album? Now that a cute idea! Set up a photo station with a simple flat sheet or large piece of fabric. Have your coach outlet guest book attendant greet your guests with either a Polaroid camera (for an instant guest book) or a digital camera. Have a designated area on each album page for your guest to sign. Add the pictures taken and Voila ?a guest book photo album!

2. Budget getting a little tight? Cut or buy 3x5 or 4x6 note cards in a color that coordinates with your wedding (simple cardstock paper will do the trick). Dress them up with embellishments or keep them simple. Place them in a basket or spread them out on a silver platter. Place a framed card on your guest book table instructing your guests to leave their names and words of advice for the bride and groom. Later on, you can put them in any standard photo album.

3. Create a wedding scrapbook. As your wedding supplies arrive (i.e. invitations, programs, printed napkins, etc.) place them in a scrapbook. Have your guests sign the pages and add comments and well wishes!

4. Get rid of the book altogether! Today brides are opting for unique twists to the traditional guest book. Consider replacing your guest book with an engravable platter or a picture frame mat.

Personalized platters are a great guest book option. Not only are they beautiful, but you will be left with a gorgeous wedding memento that can actually be displayed for years to come ?not packed away in a box! They are typically either ceramic (guests sign with marker) or silver (come with engraving tool).

The picture frame mat?also a great option. Simply frame one of your engagement photos, with a photo mat of course. Opt for a wide mat so that there will be plenty of room for all of your guests to sign. It will make a fabulous addition to your home dor.

5. Want rustic sophistication? Find a flat piece of driftwood or an old barn door perhaps. Fill it with signatures and you have instant rustic wall dor for your home.

Think out of the box! You are limited only by your imagination. Just about anything can be written on, right? Have fun with it! Create a guest book that you won want coach outlet online to pack away!
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